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FAQs -Common queries from customers wating to sell thier property

Our FAQs are orgainsed into the following 4 pages:

Debt / Repossession

Q. Is it too late if I am about to be evicted?

A. No, very often not. It is quite rare indeed for us to lose a repossession case. If your mortgages and secured debts are not too high then there is every chance that we can meet your needs.

Q. Will I be able to pay off all or much of my debts?

A. This would be the aim. In order to buy your property we would need to be able to cover any mortgage and other secured lending on your property.

Q. Are there any hidden costs or catches if Sell Quick buys my property?

A. No. There are no costs or catches to you whatsoever. We provide a free valuation, consultation and no obligation formal written offers and we give more written reassurances than anyone else we are aware of in order to offer you the maximum possible protection.

Q. Next month I come out of my fixed rate mortgage deal and am worried about making the payments as they are far higher, can you help?

A. Yes. If you think you are about to struggle and think our one of our various options are suitable to you then we could provide you with the ideal solution.

Q. If my home gets repossessed, how will this affect my credit rating?

A. Your credit rating will, as far as we are aware, certainly be adversely affected and have other undesirable knock on effects for future borrowing.

Q. Isn’t selling my house at a discount the same as being repossessed?

A. No, not at all. There are costs involved both financially, emotionally and physically when being repossessed, we feel it is much better to avoid all of this stress and considerable financial loss.

Q. I’ve been told I am being evicted next week, is it too late?

A. No. From our experience we have saved many families and individuals from repossession even on the eleventh-hour. Contact us as soon as you can.

Q. I’ve only missed a couple of payments, my lender will understand wouldn’t they?

A. This depends on your lender. We always urge people to contact their lender and see if they can come to any suitable arrangement that avoids any potential further proceedings.

Q. I’ve missed many mortgage payments, shall I just hand back the keys?

A. If you hand back the keys the lender will sell your home and if there is a shortfall they can recover this amount for up to 12 years (5 in Scotland). In selling the property, you will be charged for the estate agency fees, solicitor’s fees, mortgage payments until the property sells, surveyors fees, and more – it all mounts up.

Q. I can’t afford my mortgage payment, shall I get a credit card or an unsecured loan to help me pay?

A. Your debts may grow if you decide to use credit cards or other loans to help pay your mortgage.

Q. I have several months of arrears and I am struggling to cope. Should I wait to come to you when or if I get an eviction notice?

A. No, definitely not. The sooner you come to us the easier it is to stop repossession. The further down the repossession process you go the more legal and administrative costs you are likely to incur in addition to the interest rising on any missed mortgage payments. This could make it more difficult for us to help you.

Q. How do I find out more?

A. Call us now on 0800 056 84 66 or contact us through the Fast Offer Form.

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